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Margarette Medina offers the highest quality handcrafted products to her clients. She makes an unswerving effort to source her supplies and ingredients from the best, most reputable sources

Inspired by God’s creation and communion with the natural world of her childhood home, Haiti, Margarette loves to create wonder and beauty in all her products. She was trained to formulate and produce natural cosmetics with precision.  After many years of research and studies, she started to formulate her own natural products, using herbs, fruits, vegetables, and natural essential oils.

Margarette’s goal is to stay on a lifelong path of learning about the healing powers of nature, so she can share her knowledge with others and help them to heal themselves without harmful synthetics.

At Medina’s Natural Body Care & Gifts, we care deeply about what touches our clients' skin, and we make a commitment to treat everyone with respect. 

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